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I'm a self taught (well mostly self taught) web developer from Easton PA. I mostly focus on the MERN stack, but I'm also proficient with PHP (in the form of Laravel and Wordpress).

I am also comfortable with Python, Ruby, Bash, git, docker, and SQL databases. I have a background in IT and computer repair, which adds to my skill sets when it comes to the underlying technology that supports the software I build.

Featured Projects

Buffs screenshot

A platform to help streamers grow.

Buffs is a project I conjured up along side the radical guys from ClickPopMedia. Our initial product is the Stream Leaderboard that allows streamers to add a referral system with an onscreen leaderboard.

Buffs was built using Laravel, with the Twitch API chatbot being written in Node and storage with MongoDB.

Things to do when the world gets cancelled screenshot
Things to do when the world gets cancelled

An activity idea generator in the era of social distancing.

TTDWTWGC is another project I worked on with ClickPopMedia. We wanted to find a way to keep our minds busy when the US first started seeing case of COVID-19 and social distancing took effect.

TTDWTWGC is built on Node/Express talking with the Airtable API where we store all the data. The front end is handled with Jquery and Bootstrap.

AsyncAirtable screenshot

A library to make working with the Airtable API even easier.

AsyncAirtable is an opensource project I built to make working with the Airtable API easier. There is an existing JS library, but it is call-back based and I felt like that could be improved. AsyncAirtable is promise based, and also includes some extra features such as Typescript support, an upsert command, and built in pagination.

AsyncAirtable is built in Typescript tested with Jest.

Thank you for reaching out. I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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